Hello? I'm a president of TAE-KYUNG TANKER CO. LTD

  Established TAE-KYUNG TANKER CO. LTD with based on various experiences at shipping compay such as management crew/ship, agency, ship insurance, ship purchase, tanker ship's operation/ sales to provide petrochemical products, transportation services to domestic and overseas shippers.

  Currently we've been running mainly working on four private ship, chartered ship and trust ship but the charter rate has made the profit stabilized to smaller shipping companies with fewer fleets, the compay which is major customer to shippers stabilization of supply and demand, timely spot multiple ships of the same type. We are cooperating with the stabilizaion of logistics costs by putting in.

  In the future, we will focus on the use of ships and do our best to ensure safe and accurate transport . I promise to be a Tae-kyung tanker with greatest value of trust.